280% Revenue Growth in 2023

Red Sentry is an offensive cybersecurity company that provides comprehensive security solutions to businesses of all sizes. They approached Optimize Your Marketing to help optimize their PPC strategy.

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Red Sentry


May 31, 2023


Google Ads & Paid Media

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Red Sentry is a B2B SaaS cybersecurity that offers penetration testing and an automatic vulnerability scanner. Our 2 year long engagement comes in two parts.

1. The beginning of our engagement began in 2022 where we were tasked with increasing revenue for the company - so we focused on their penetration testing services. With cybersecurity's search volume rise 90% year over year, there was a significant opportunity to build a living breathing PPC machine.

2. Later on in our engagement, we were tasked with building out their PLG strategy using PPC ads. This was for their automated vulnerability scanner.


We were able to easily create optimized PPC ads on Google and Bing that drove a 300% increase in marketing qualified leads in the first 60 days of our engagement for their penetration testing services. We did this by using competitive research, simple messaging, optimized landing pages, and efficient conversion tracking with deal sizes being tied back into Google Ads.

For the automated vulnerability scanner, we were able to effectively capture roughly 20 signups every 2 weeks using Google and Bing advertising. In order to solve the conversion tracking situation, we used a Webflow Landing Page that served as the signup page for the app and after it was completed, an API fired that sent the email confirmation code to the prospect to signup for the freemium scanner. It enabled efficient and accurate tracking, which allowed us to determine which keywords were driving signups that actually converted to revenue. If you are a B2B SaaS company that is PLG, we are sure you understand how valuable this is for your overall decision making.


"As a startup, we were competing with large giants in our industry with unlimited ad spend. Ian was able to take our budget and create an entire strategy to not only compete with these giants, but to beat them. He did everything, from SEO optimization to pay-per-click strategy to website design. He is incredibly data-driven and frequently employed A/B testing to make sure we were moving forward as strong as possible. As a CEO, I never had to worry about ad strategy, because I knew Ian had it covered and I trusted him completely." -Valentina Flores, CEO of Red Sentry

We were pleased with our results for Red Sentry, as we have been working with them since they were a small startup making barely 6-figures a year, to now an 8-figure company that is quickly growing year over year.