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ConnectBooks is an ecommerce accounting software company that provides comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes. They approached Optimize Your Marketing (OYM), a digital marketing agency, to help them improve their online presence and attract more qualified partners to their program.

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May 31, 2023


Web Design

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ConnectBooks faced several challenges, including an outdated website, low partner engagement, and low conversion rates. They needed a modern and optimized website that would improve their online visibility and attract more targeted partners to their program.


OYM proposed a comprehensive web development and design strategy to address ConnectBooks' challenges. They conducted extensive research on ConnectBooks' target audience and business objectives to create a custom web design that aligned with their brand and messaging.

OYM used Webflow to create a completely new set of website pages for ConnectBooks. The new website included a partner program with a Webflow collection that could be used by all partners to have individualized discounts. Optimized landing pages were created to help increase the number of partners interested in ConnectBooks' program.

Additionally, OYM implemented responsive design and user experience improvements to improve the website's relevance and usability. The website was optimized for speed and performance to ensure a seamless user experience.


Within 14 days of implementing OYM's comprehensive web development and design strategy, ConnectBooks saw significant improvements in their online presence. The following results were achieved:

  • Completely new set of Webflow website pages
  • Partner program with individualized partner discounts
  • Optimized landing pages that helped increase the number of partners interested in ConnectBooks' program
  • Improved user experience and website performance

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of OYM's comprehensive approach and ConnectBooks' commitment to improving their online presence. ConnectBooks is now well-positioned to attract more qualified partners, generate more conversions, and grow their business in the competitive ecommerce accounting software industry.