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Sports Bar Mega Giveaway Brings in 500 New Emails

Duff's Famous Wings, a franchise sports bar chain with locations across the US, sought to boost restaurant traffic and increase customer lifetime value. As Optimize Your Marketing's inaugural client, Duff's engaged our services to establish a robust social media presence, develop a content calendar, and implement strategic campaigns to enhance customer engagement.

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Duff's Famous Wings


January 4, 2024


Social Media Marketing

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Duff's Famous Wings faced the challenge of increasing restaurant traffic and customer lifetime value through effective social media campaigns. The goal was to leverage digital marketing to boost awareness, engagement, and ultimately drive more patrons to their locations.


  1. Establish a strong and engaging social media presence for Duff's Famous Wings.
  2. Develop a social media marketing calendar with pre-approved content for consistent and timely posting.
  3. Increase customer engagement through strategically planned giveaways and promotions.
  4. Build an email subscriber list for targeted promotional campaigns.

Optimization Strategy:

Optimize Your Marketing LLC implemented a comprehensive strategy to address Duff's challenges and achieve their objectives:

  • Social Media Profile Establishment:
  • Created and optimized social media profiles on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Developed a consistent brand image across all platforms to enhance recognition.
  • Content Calendar Development:
  • Worked with Duff's to establish a social media marketing calendar with content approved weeks in advance.
  • Ensured a mix of promotional posts, engaging content, and updates about live music and poker nights.
  • Giveaways to Boost Email Subscribers:
  • Implemented giveaways to encourage customer participation and increase the number of emails added to Duff's email service provider.
  • Organized mega giveaway campaigns, such as the "Wings for a Year" promotion, to drive significant email signups.
  • Strategic Promotion of Events:
  • Utilized social media to increase awareness of Duff's live music nights and poker nights.
  • Crafted engaging content to promote these events, creating anticipation and boosting attendance.


Uptick in Customer Engagement:

- Posting 3-4 times a week led to increased customer engagement, with higher interactions and participation in online conversations.

Mega Giveaway Success:

- The "Wings for a Year" giveaway campaign resulted in over 500 new email signups.

- These emails provided a valuable database for targeted promotional campaigns, leading to increased customer lifetime value.

Winter Months Success:

- The strategic social media campaigns contributed to significant increases in customer engagement during the traditionally slower winter months.

- Increased awareness and promotions resulted in a positive impact on restaurant traffic during this period.

Client Testimonial:

Owner Elijah Sleigh expressed his satisfaction, stating, "We loved their giveaway campaign. It really was awesome to see hundreds of people sign up for our email newsletter! We highly recommend Optimize to other restaurants."


Optimize Your Marketing LLC's collaboration with Duff's Famous Wings yielded substantial success in boosting customer engagement, increasing email subscribers, and driving traffic during traditionally slower periods. The establishment of a strong social media presence, combined with strategic giveaways and event promotions, resulted in tangible increases in customer interactions and business success. Elijah Sleigh's endorsement reflects the positive impact of Optimize's tailored strategies in achieving Duff's objectives and stands as a testament to the effectiveness of digital marketing for restaurants.