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Police Department Social Media Follower Increase!

In the wake of the establishment of the Stockbridge Police Department in Stockbridge, Georgia, Chief Frank Trammer sought the expertise of Optimize Your Marketing LLC to shape a positive brand perception and foster community engagement. Tasked with introducing the newly formed department to the community, Optimize embarked on a strategic social media campaign.

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Stockbridge Police Department


January 4, 2024


Social Media

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The primary challenge was to establish a positive and trusted brand perception for the Stockbridge Police Department, given its recent formation. Chief Trammer recognized the importance of proactive communication with the community and sought to leverage social media to achieve this.


  1. Build a positive and trustworthy brand image for the Stockbridge Police Department.
  2. Keep the community informed and engaged with regular updates on police activities.
  3. Increase social media followers on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  4. Collaborate with the police department for urgent and time-sensitive posts.

Optimization Strategy:

Optimize Your Marketing LLC crafted a comprehensive strategy to address the Stockbridge Police Department's challenges and achieve their objectives:

  • Detailed Coverage and Updates:
  • Implemented a detailed coverage plan for all updates and activities within the police department.
  • Maintained a consistent and proactive approach with almost daily social media posts to keep the community well-informed.
  • Community Engagement:
  • Created engaging social media content that fostered community interaction.
  • Encouraged community members to participate in discussions and share their thoughts, creating a sense of transparency and involvement.
  • Strategic Growth in Followers:
  • Developed strategic and planned social media posts to attract and retain followers.
  • Increased the department's social media presence by surmounting 2000 followers across Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Collaborative Urgent Posts:
  • Collaborated closely with Chief Trammer and the Stockbridge Police Department to address urgent matters through BOLO (Be On the Lookout) posts.
  • Urgent posts garnered significantly higher engagement, with a 500% increase in shares and community participation.


Engagement Success:

- Social media posts generated an average of 40-100 engagements per post, indicating a high level of community interaction and interest.

Follower Growth:

- The strategic approach resulted in a substantial increase in followers, surmounting 2000 followers across Facebook and LinkedIn.

Urgent Posts Impact:

- Collaborative urgent posts, especially BOLO posts, received heightened community engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of real-time communication with the community.

Client Testimonial:

Chief Frank Trammer expressed his gratitude, stating, "The successful launch of the Stockbridge Police Department is a testament to the collaborative approach taken with Optimize Your Marketing's social media strategy. We are grateful for the positive brand image they helped us establish."


Optimize Your Marketing LLC played a crucial role in the successful launch of the Stockbridge Police Department by implementing a strategic and collaborative social media campaign. The combination of proactive updates, community engagement, and real-time collaboration on urgent posts contributed to a positive brand image and increased community trust. The growth in social media followers and the significant engagement per post showcased the effectiveness of the tailored strategy in achieving the department's objectives. Chief Frank Trammer's endorsement reflects the impact of a collaborative and proactive approach in establishing a strong community connection through social media.