300% Increase in ROAS for a Venture Studio

How we helped a venture studio increase ROAS 300% and increase Conversion Rates to 5% across their B2B SaaS portfolio companies.

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Rule 1 Ventures


February 17, 2024


PPC & Paid Media

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Rule 1 Ventures is a Venture Studio located in Buckhead, Georgia and primarily invests in B2B SaaS startups. The Optimize Your Marketing team, led by Ian Binek, came in to build out their PPC strategy for their portfolio companies spanning various industries.


We worked directly with the VP of Revenue, Weaver Ellard, and using our optimized PPC campaign strategy, efficient conversion tracking, and AB testing framework, we were able to increase inbound revenue during 2023 from $300,000K to over $1,000,000 by the start of 2024. We communicated in bi-weekly calls with the portcos and sent weekly loom videos that showcased results in an easily digestable way.


"The Optimize Your Marketing Team came in to help provide demand-generation strategies for all of our portfolio companies. We were looking for a team to help us build out the strategy, and also manage the day-to-day execution of our ads and landing pages. Ads were run across multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Meta, Google Ads, etc." -Weaver Ellard, VP of Revenue @ Rule 1 Ventures