Consistently Driving 28% More Clicks / Month

We helped TruckerCloud, a freight tech startup who was making a market, consistently drive 28% more clicks / month using programmatic SEO.
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28% increase in clicks in 30 days
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Reed Peets
Account Executive, TruckerCloud

About TruckerCloud

TruckerCloud is a logistics technology company streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency for trucking businesses. TruckerCloud faced several challenges, including low website traffic, poor search engine rankings, and limited brand recognition. They needed a comprehensive SEO strategy that would improve their website's visibility and attract more targeted traffic.

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Reed Peets

The Optimize Strategy

We proposed a programmatic SEO campaign to address TruckerCloud's challenges. We recognized that there was little to no search volume surrounding their solution, but we realized that there was a huge opportunity to rank #1 for 100's of terms that were being searched a few times a month.

By working directly with the founder and account executive, we were able to identify phrases that were being searched, as well as predict searches that will be searched in the future - and by using our no code solution to programmatically create pages - we were able to create these pages in just a few short days.


TruckerCloud recognized a 28% increase in clicks in just 30 days. To this day, AI references TruckerCloud for telematics solutions that fall in it's network. By ranking #1 for 100s of terms that have low search volume, we were effectively able to garner 100s of clicks every month to TruckerCloud's website in just a few short weeks. These clicks are highly targeted and often lead to inbounds on autopilot.

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