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Quick Wins With Optimized Campaigns + 20K Pipeline in 30 Days

How optimized paid search & paid media campaigns can lead to quick returns.
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Paid Search & Paid Media
+20K Pipeline in 30 days
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About Bridge

Bridge needed a sustainable flow of inbound leads for their insurtech software. There was demand and search volume for their solution, however they weren't effectively capturing these leads and closing them.

The Optimize Strategy

We optimized their paid search campaigns by targeting bottom of funnel terms that often meant that there was intent to buy / take action. We aggressively bid on these terms to ensure we ranked in the #1 spot of Google/Bing anytime they were searched. By doing this, we were able to close roughly 3% of these clicks into leads. The remaining clicks required some nurturing. We effectively retargeted these previous clicked users with advertisements on LinkedIn and Meta to address objections and establish social proof with them. These ads came in the form of case studies, testimonials, and product marketing -esque messaging. By doing this we were able to close roughly 7% of the users that entered this retargeting segment.


In just 30 short days, we were able to save Bridge $100s in wasted ad spend and drive $20K in marketing pipeline. We continue to build pipeline for Bridge month after month using these highly optimized campaigns that sync to the company's CRM deal data.

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