Scaling High ROAS Campaigns + 300% Increase in ROAS for a Venture Studio

Rule 1's marketing arm was complelely brand new for it's portcos in 2022. By the beginning of 2024 it was driving nearly $1,000,000 inbound revenue for it's software companies in it's porfolio.
Client Name
Rule 1 Ventures
Paid Search & Paid Media
$1,000,000 ARR attributed to marketing
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Weaver Ellard
VP of Revenue, Rule 1 Ventures

About Rule 1 Ventures

When we started working with Rule 1 Ventures, there were no marketing functions. We worked directly with the VP of Marketing (eventually the VP of Revenue) to build out optimized paid search campaigns, paid media ads, website landing pages, and AB testing methodologies for each of the portfolio companies. We tied all of these marketing functions to each portco's Hubspot instance + and visualized the data with a tool called Databox. By doing this we were able to effectively track the whole marketing funnel - from the click of an ad, all the way to the revenue that was driven. This was crucial to optimizing and allocating budget accordingly for each company.

"The Optimize Your Marketing Team came in to help provide demand-generation strategies for all of our portfolio companies."

Weaver Ellard

The Optimize Strategy

While working with Rule 1 Ventures, we collaborated closely with the portco CEO's/Founders with bi-weekly strategy syncs, as well as weekly loom videos that delivered qualitative and quantitative data from the advertising campaigns and AB tests that we were running for them. Each portco had varying forms of success from Google/Bing campaigns to programmatic SEO campaigns. All of these inbound opportunities were captured in our data visualization tool called Databox, that allowed us to tie all revenue attributed from our marketing efforts into one cohesive revenue number. Using relative functions, we could see how that data was trending towards quarterly goals, as well as how it compared to previous periods. With this rich data, we were able to identify quarterly trends that effected virtually all of the portcos - thus the learnings from some portcos could be applied to others that helped lower the learning curve and ad spend required to find winning campaigns that drove marketing revenue.


The feedback loop of data that we were able to allocate to other portfolio companies only helped improve revenue quarter over quarter. From mid 2022 to mid 2024, we increased ARR attributed to marketing by 300%.

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