Top Marketing Agencies Chamblee

January 3, 2024

Top Marketing Agencies Chamblee

Digital marketing has quickly become a must have for small businesses across America, and that includes Chamblee, GA.

Since 2015 digital marketing agencies have been "popping up" left and right, which makes choosing one quite difficult.

It is tough to determine which company suits your small business's needs.

So in this blog, we will discuss the important factors of choosing a digital marketing agency, as well as the top agencies in the Chamblee, GA area.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Chamblee, Georgia

Let's get started walking through some marketing companies you can work with!

1. Optimize Your Marketing [Full Service]

Optimize Your Marketing is a full service, small business focused digital marketing company that provides a full spectrum of marketing services. Led by Ian Binek, an accomplished and experienced digital marketer, Optimize Your Marketing focuses on FAST marketing results, and HIGH customer satisfaction. Gift giving and celebrating is a normal occurrence and efficient communications that suit your needs are just some of the many added benefits you can expect.

Optimize Your Marketing focuses on an iterative approach to scale your marketing presence. Starting with web development and lead generation services like PPC and Social Media Ads, and ending with Social Media Marketing and SEO. Optimize grows small businesses with efficient and fast digital marketing campaigns that always exceed goals.

You can read some of Optimize Your Marketing's testimonials here.

2. Trebol Media Group [Academy]

Taking a different approach in addition to the business model, Trebol appears to be teaching individuals and businesses about digital marketing and how that company can use these strategies to their advantage. Trebol primarily serves a Spanish speaking audience and offers it customers learning in Social Media Marketing, Branding, and Websites.

You can learn more about Trebol Media Group here.

3. Forward Push Marketing [Web Design]

An award winning website development business located in Chamblee, Georgia. Forward Push primarily serves the legal, financial, and healthcare industries. Forward Push offers Websites, SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising & Content.

Learn more about Forward Push Marketing here.

4. Cardinal Digital Marketing [Healthcare Marketing]

Cardinal provides scalable healthcare performance marketing strategies. As their slogan suggests, they almost exclusively work with healthcare brands and have some great case studies to back up their word. They provide patient acquisition strategy, talent acquisition support, and much more in terms of healthcare related services. Their average retainer starts at $5,000 per month.

You can learn more about Cardinal Digital Marketing here.

5. Orchid [Marketing Strategy]

Orchid provides marketing strategy services to Chamblee, Georgia startups. They work with Atlanta startups, as well. Primarily, they provide strategy planning for these companies to help get them started.

You can learn more about Orchid Agency here.

6. Flou Marketing [Creative]

Flou focuses on creativity and specializes in graphic design. Flou is another marketing company geared towards a spanish speaking audience. With the high concentration of Spanish speakers in the Chamblee, GA area, this is great option for small businesses in need of much needed digital help.

You can learn more about Flou Marketing here.

7. Results Magnet [B2C Service]

Results Magnet is a company that has expertise in the B2C space. They specialize in B2C strategies that help get results for small businesses. With some stellar testimonials and a lot of experience, Results Magnet could be a great place for small businesses looking to get started in Chamblee, GA.

You can learn more about them here.

8. Zator Media [Video Production]

Zator Media works with Atlanta clients and offers services primarily in video production. Their team of experts can help bring your business to life with professional videos that highlight the key aspects of your business. Zator primarily works with 7 figure businesses and requires a high monthly retainer to begin work.

You can learn more about Zator Media here.

9. W3 Group Marketing [SEO & Video]

W3 is primarily a SEO agency that works to acquire more clients, patients, or customers for your business or site. They understand that video helps companies rank higher in Google and therefore they include it high in their services.

You can learn more about W3 Group Marketing here.

10. Divine Eye Media [Media]

Focused on media creation, Divine Eye can help with your graphic design and video needs. Some notable services are their drone coverage and event photography packages.

You can learn more about Divine Eye Media here.

Wrapping Up the Top Agencies

These have been the top 10 digital marketing companies your small to medium sized business could work with in the Chamblee, GA area.

Now, let's highlight some ways to choose and vet digital marketing businesses.

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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Partner

Online marketing is a whole new world, and for most business owners, it is really tough to navigate alone.

What you need is a guide, or someone who can help your company navigate this brand new world and bring consistent results.

Choosing a marketing agency is similar to choosing a client or business partner.

This decision requires a lot of thought and due diligence.

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How to Find a Digital Marketing Business

This part is probably the most simple.

Nowadays, the easiest way for people to find agencies is to Google "digital marketing agencies near me".

Once you do that, you will see a Google My Business snippet that shows plenty of digital advertising from marketing agencies.

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Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency

After you have filled out a contact form, you will likely be greeted by a business development representative and asked to schedule a call.

On this call it is important to ask the following questions:

  • How many years have you been in business?
  • How many clients have you helped over the years?
  • What marketing services do you primarily offer?
  • What industry do you focus in?
  • How does this engagement work?
  • What's your average retainer?
  • How do you acquire new clients?

The answers to these questions will be extremely valuable in your search for the highest and best marketing services for your small business.

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What Marketing Services Should I Ask For?

Starting out, you want to vet your agency quick.

There is nothing worse than working hard with an agency for months, just to get subpar results later on.

The best agencies provide packages that let you start to grow and see results fast.

  1. Start with lead generation in the form of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.
  2. Next, a website landing page service to optimize the website experience.
  3. Finally, an analytics package to see what's working.
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Finishing Up with Atlanta Digital Marketing

The beauty about online marketing is that you don't have to choose an agency that is in your area.

Unless you need physical marketing services like video and event media, then working with an agency that is outside of your area or even state works just as well.

Since most agencies operate remotely, the quality of work and communication remains the same.

We hope you found this blog post helpful in your decision making and wish you success in your next business endeavor.