March 27, 2024

The Benefits of Campaign Planning

In this post, we discuss how we are able to recycle content multiple times in different formats to move quick & keep costs down.

Ian Binek

CEO & Advertising Lead

Build Once, Use Twice (or more)

I create 1 piece of content and 1 landing page to use for a whole quarter of LinkedIn advertising for most of my clients.

By doing this, we can keep monthly retainer costs down, and bring more value to our clients.

Here's how:

We conduct quarterly campaign planning

This is in the form of an Airtable database that shows the Target, Audience, and Message of the ads we are running.

We also include the call to action and dedicated AB tests planned for the quarter.

These tests come in the form of landing pages, campaign bidding strategies, and creative tests.

And we can track all of them in an easy-to-use Airtable database that our clients always have access to.

We create 1 major piece of content & 1 landing page to house it

On LinkedIn, having a long-form piece of content like an e-book or whitepaper works wonders to get top-of-funnel leads and retarget them later on.

This kind of content should be long-ish (at least 5 pages long - but preferably closer to 10).

With our client's subject matter expertise, we help write and design this piece of content so that it is valuable and worth their ICP's contact information.

We are able to gate this on both the landing page and on the ad platforms.

This way, whatever ad format we choose on LinkedIn, we are still able to gate the content.

We stage the campaigns and the ad formats accordingly

As mentioned, we can run fresh ads month after month, each quarter for our clients with this approach.

This is because there are 3 unique ad formats that allow us to simply change the way this content is presented to our client's ICP.

We can run ads in the form of single-image ads - which leads the user to the landing page to download the piece of content.

We can run ads in the form of lead gen ads - which gates the content on LinkedIn and the user can simply download the content after filling out a few pieces of contact info without leaving LinkedIn.

Last, we can run ads in the form of document ads - which allows the user to preview the piece of content up to 2-3 pages, then gates the rest.

By doing this, we can run enough AB tests at the campaign and ad level for a whole month to understand what the client's ICP is responding best to.

Wrapping Up

Is your LinkedIn Ads agency is doing this? Want us to take a look?

Reach out by scheduling a consulting call so we can audit your account and give our honest feedback.

Until next time.

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