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1.     Webflow website development & design

  • 10 pages developed & designed (ex. Home page, About page, etc.)

2.     Website copywriting

  • 10 pages with copywriting (ex. Home page copy, About page copy, etc.)

3.     100 Webflow collection pages (search engine optimized pages)

  • Using an Airtable database, we will create a connection between the database and Webflow using Whalesync to quickly create new pages on Webflow
  • 100 pages with a designated keyword in the header, and a paragraph. Most of the pages will be similar, besides the keyword changes.

4.     Develop new messaging

  • Choose an ideal customer profile and go through a messaging workshop session to develop new copy that could be used for the website and all marketing collateral

5.     Develop a new offer

  • During the messaging workshop (referenced above) we will develop a message that can be used to enhance the probability of your website visitor to share their email address with us. (ex. Get a demo, Get a custom ROI calculation, Read our case study, Watch a recorded demo, etc.)

6.     Create a Brand Guide

  • A Google Slides presentation that includes information on the following: logo usage, font type and color, typography, tone, brand's mission statement, positioning, identity, and values.

7.     Create pay per click ads

  • We will create new advertising campaigns on Google and Bing that when clicked lead people back to the Webflow website
  • We will create retargeting ads on Google and Bing to show ads to previous website visitors

8.     Create paid social media ads

  • We will create new advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • These ads will be primarily retargeting ads that show up to people that have previously visited the new Webflow website

9.     AB test the website & pay per click ads & social media ads

  • We will use Google Optimize, a free website AB testing tool, to test variations of your pages on your website.
  • We will use Google Ads experiments to test a control and variant campaign on Google Ads.
  • We will use AB testing techniques to test variations of text and images on your social media ads to uncover winning variants.

10.  Create automated email sequence in HubSpot

  • We will create an email sequence in HubSpot that sends emails to new prospects when they fill out a contact form.

11.    Create HubSpot & Google Analytics reports

  • We will create a HubSpot report to track inbound marketing performance.
  • We will create a Google Analytics report to track our Webflow collection page’s (referenced above) performance.

12.   Provide a social media content calendar that can be used as inspiration for your team to post one - off social media posts

13.   Provide an email marketing calendar that can be used as inspiration for your team to send one - off emails.

14.   Provide a SEO guide that can be used as inspiration for your team to post one - off blog posts.

15.   Your stand in CMO with ongoing optimizations and industry best practices for the next 4-10 months!


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JUST FOR YOU VIDEO PROGRESS REPORTS... We work fast, but we love to show off how far we have come along the way. We will film 5 minute loom videos for you and your team every major step of the way.

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