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Top 7 B2B SaaS Search Engine Marketing Tips
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Top 7 B2B SaaS Search Engine Marketing Tips

The blog post outlines 7 steps that a digital marketing agency takes with every client to drive demand and dominate market share, including aligning on goals, extracting knowledge from the client, building a dashboard to track indicators, identifying core messaging and content, using Google Ads to capture existing demand, expanding into LinkedIn for more awareness, and using a prospecting and retargeting layer on LinkedIn/Facebook.

Good day to you!

So you want to learn some super high converting tactics that we see work for our clients on a day in and day out basis? Look no further.

Below are 7 steps we take with every client to drive more demand and dominate market share.

1.) Align on inbound demo and pipeline goals

2.) Extract knowledge from the client on core messaging, brand guidelines, ICP, existing content, etc. to start building a campaign plan.

3.) We then build out a dashboard to track leading and lagging indicators as well as synced up offline conversions to the ad channels to better optimize.

E.g. Syncing up opportunities to Google Ads to ensure we aren't scaling budget on the cheapest leads, but instead the best converting.

4.) After that, we identify the core theme/message that we want to communicate to the market and then identify content that aligns with that theme.

5.) The first channel we start with is Google Ads to capture existing demand.

The focus is all in high-intent keywords (e.g. keywords with modifiers like software, tool, etc.) first, then we layer on a RLSA campaign (retargeting on Google Ads) to convert leads that previously hadn't converted before. Later we start a brand campaign, only after we see competitors bidding on our brand keywords.

6.) After Google Ads starts to generate opportunities at only $10k-15k/month in ad spend, we expand into LinkedIn to build more awareness and guarantee distribution of messaging and content to the target ICP.

We use a combination of target account lists and firmographic targeting to ensure we are 100% aligned with sales.

7.) The high-level strategy on LinkedIn/Facebook has to do the following:

- Prospecting Layer - Create product marketing ads that lead back to product marketing landing pages (not squeeze pages) to educate and build awareness and what the product does and the value it brings. We also distribute blogs/guides (ungated) that have the most organic engagement with their ICP...all blogs had a dotted line back to the product.

- Retargeting Layer - We used a mix of G2 testimonials for 3rd party validation, video testimonials leading back to case study pages, and product marketing ads that have a more direct offer for them to move forward. We also distribute this content via Facebook retargeting as well.

The results above are based on a multi-touch attribution model setup in Hubspot.

Whew 😅

That was a lot. But it’s crucial to do in order to bring you the digital marketing you need.

And did we mention that we will do all of that + more in only 60 days?

Sounds too good to be true - think again.

If you’re interested in learning more about the extra benefits of working with the fastest digital marketing agency in the US, then fill out our application to get in touch with us..

Until next time…

To your success,

Ian “Your Favorite Growth Hacker” Binek

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