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Top 5 B2B SaaS Startup Paid Social Tips
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Top 5 B2B SaaS Startup Paid Social Tips

B2B Paid Social Media campaigns require a different approach, as it's more about positioning and reminding prospects of the solution, rather than the quality of content. The top 5 tips for B2B SaaS startups to follow when using Paid Social Media campaigns include using LinkedIn Ads, being intentional about messaging, finding a consistent inbound channel, retargeting on other social media platforms, and always testing to improve conversion rates.

B2B Paid Social is such a different game than most founders expect.

It is all about positioning and casual reminders - and significantly less about the quality of the content.

Here’s why:

“It doesn’t matter how pretty or awesome your video is if your solution is 💩”

There are a lot of B2B SaaS companies I see posting very cool videos - but how much of that is really moving the needle?

I will be the first to say that what works for 1 company doesn’t work for all - but in my experience there are definitely trends that B2B SaaS startups must follow with their social media that will influence more net revenue.

Here are my top 5 tips for B2B SaaS Startups using Paid Social Media campaigns:

Use LinkedIn Ads

It is such a simple platform to use, but you would be surprised how many companies drop the ball on their targeting and timing with their messaging.

Many don’t even have retargeting pixels set up on their websites.

With LinkedIn, if those audiences are setup then LinkedIn is not prepopulating that audience so if you wanted to retarget - then you will need to wait before you reach the threshold number of users. 

Be intentional about your messaging

Let’s face it. B2B SaaS generally has longer buying cycles - whether you have a Sales Led Growth approach or a Product Led Growth approach - so identifying customer problems at the right time is important to convert them into a customer.

We like to separate our messaging into Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel, and Bottom of Funnel content.

Some examples of each would be free guides/checklists for TOF, some testimonial ads for MOF, and some case studies for BOF.

Find 1 channel that consistently drives inbounds then double down on that channel

Startups don’t have a lot of cash on hand and since we are going to be targeting your most profitable ICP - then it is better for us to go spear fishing instead of fishing with a net.

Using LinkedIn and PPC ads, we can effectively stay top of mind or show up when our prospects are looking for a solution. Using LinkedIn will allow us to nurture these leads all the way to the BOF content. Using PPC will allow us to retarget these prospects on all other social platforms.

Retarget on other social media platforms

We setup ad accounts on FB/Insta as well as other platforms your ICP is on like Twitter or Reddit that way they are retargeted with our message and reminded that we are the solution to their problems.

Always be testing

Establishing an appropriate AB testing cadence will enhance this process over time.

Identifying the highest performing TOF, MOF, and BOF content for paid social ads ultimately helps improve conversion rates which means you are converting more prospects into paying customers because they saw the best ads.

These 5 things have consistently drove better results for our B2B SaaS Clients and we know if implemented correctly then you will see results too!

Until next time.

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