How to Create 100s of New Website Pages Fast
Growth Hacking

How to Create 100s of New Website Pages Fast

Ian, a growth hacker, is sharing a technique he uses to create hundreds of optimized and personalized pages for clients in under 4 hours. He recommends using Webflow to create the website, Airtable as a database for content topics, and Whalesync to automatically send information from Airtable to Webflow. The impact is increased leads and revenue, and the process can be further improved with the use of ChatGPT and Midjourney AI.

Hey everyone, it's Ian, your favorite growth hacker.

Today I am writing about something that I am not seeing anywhere and it is literally an insane growth hack that no one is using. Like no one. OR maybe they are smart enough not to share it with the world.

Take your pick. But regardless, I am going to break down briefly how I create 100s of new pages for my clients in less than 4 hours of work. We are talking new pages that are search engine optimized and are yielding more monthly visitors to our site.

And the best part is - since we can mass create these pages quickly, then we can personalize our content in such a way that our visitors are delighted and want to learn more about our solution - so they view more pages - and then with increased conversion rates, we are seeing more of these people convert into inbound leads.

It's so cool - and honestly so easy.

So here it is.

Step 1: Create you website in Webflow

This is crucial. Yes, everyone is boasting about how easy it is to create websites fast in Wix, Wordpress and Squarespace but at the end of the day - those websites have their limitations and just don't compete with the strong backend functionality and ever growing connections that Webflow has. So take the time to learn Webflow. You will thank me later.

Step 2: Create an Airtable Base

You may be someone who doesn't know what Airtable is - and that is okay. The best way to describe it is that it is Google Sheets - but better. This Airtable is going to serve as your database of content topics. In this example, we are going to say you are a business that sells handcrafted, boutique chairs in the US. (As an aside, I know nothing about chairs aside from a class I took in college called history of chairs, which in all intensive purposes was just a class about chairs lol).

Getting back to this step, it's important to pick a topic that you want to rank for. In this case, we are going to say we want to rank for "the best handcrafted, boutique chairs in [insert city]" So at this point you are just going to create a ton of rows in this sheet that lists the city in that phrase. You can get fancy with it and use formulas to concatenate the text together if you're smart and lazy - but brute forcing your way through this step is acceptable, as well.

You will add some additional rows here, as well, but I will leave that up to your discretion and how personalized you want to make these pages. Remember, the key to these pages is that you are able to create them fast. The more time you put into the database, the less efficient this process is - but it will still yield you some great SEO for your site. Fields that I like to add are the Keyword Phrase, URL Slug, Image, and Keyword Phrase Excerpt (a few sentences on the keyword). This is the most basic form of creating personalized Webflow pages, which I will describe in the next step.

Step 3: Create a Whalesync Account

There is this super cool software that just received series A funding called Whalesync and it essentially uses Airtable's API to mass send over information from the database to the Webflow CMS. So as you can imagine, all of that information you put into Airtable is going to be automatically pasted into the Webflow CMS template page you create. I will create a separate post on Webflow CMS template pages and best practices with them using this method - but for those of you that understand how great those CMS pages are - then I am sure you can see how powerful this is already.

So syncing Airtable's database with Webflow will create all of these pages super fast - and they are very personalized. All you have to do is create one base sync between the two platforms and your CMS is automatically updated with all of your Longtail Keyword pages.

P.S. You will have needed to create the collection in Webflow's CMS first and published the site before syncing - otherwise the sync will run into issues and let you know that there was a problem.

And that's pretty much it.

What's the impact? 100s of more personalized pages that can be created quickly, and efficiently. The math breakdown for you all is below.

100 more search engine optimized pages a month = 1 more inbound lead at a 1% website conversion rate


Since we are always AB testing and improving our site's UI and UX, our website's conversion rate can be improved from 1% to 3%. That small change results in 2 more leads each month.

If your leads close at a 66% rate - and your deal size is $10,000 per engagement - then you are looking at an increase in $19,800 every month from a change that took you roughly 4 hours to do.

Pretty cool right?

P.S.S Also a really fun tidbit of info here - use ChatGPT to massively improve the speed of this whole process. You can quickly fill out that database with info in a snap. AND use Midjourney AI to create beautiful images for your pages. More info to come on those tools later. I used midjourney to create this cool blog post graphic that really doesn't relate to the article at all but who cares right? It got you to click ;)

Until next time...

To your success,


"Your Favorite Growth Hacker"

-We are going to make this stick - watch

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