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How to Balance Full Time Work with a Company

How to Balance Full Time Work with a Company

The blog post outlines how to balance a full-time job with running a digital marketing company. The author believes sticking to a schedule, being intentional with your time, segmenting your day, and ending your day with movement can improve work-life balance.

Curious how to balance a full time job while running a digital marketing company?

I have been doing it for several years now and I have to say, it is definitely doable.

It just takes intentionality and a regular schedule.

So let’s get into it.


I wake up, get ready, and get into the office by 7am. While on my commute I listen to an audiobook or podcast about something that I am usually working on.

As of late, I have been focused on learning more about sales and how to prospect.

Once I am in the office, I catch up on news, emails, and manual action items for my company before 7:30am.

7:30 to 8:30am

I use that time to get my digital marketing company’s work done.

This is in the form of work for clients, work for building better internal systems, or prospecting.

Taking an hour in the morning to do these things means that I am always working my company’s creative muscles and not letting it sit on the backburner for days before flexing them again.

8:30 to 9am

I repeat the same 30 minute process of news, emails, and manual action items for the portfolio companies I work with for my full time job.

Using a mix of Google Alerts, Apple News, and reviewing campaign performance is generally what happens during this 30 minute period.

9am - 12pm

I focus on work for my full time job - focusing on completing tasks quickly and thinking about ways to improve efficiency in the future.

I automate as much as I can with nocode software and AI.

12 - 1pm

Usually I reserve this time for Lunch and any urgent action items from my company. 

My lunches normally are just eating - but occasionally there are time sensitive projects that I could really use another hour to complete.


I use this time to think creatively on performance and how we can increase our KPIs for my full time job.

A lot of times it is working on something that may not come to fruition right then - but eventually does in the future once more skills and learnings build on top of each other.


Getting home, podcasting, audiobooks, and filming/thinking about some YouTube videos I can create.


Working out, running, reading or relaxing.

Anytime after 7 is chill. No more working. I try to relax my mind and keep my enthusiasm levels high for the early morning work.

And that is pretty much it!

Some key things that I think ultimately improve work life balance are the following:

  1. Stick to a schedule
  2. Wake up early if you’re in a competitive environment
  3. Be intentional with your time
  4. Segment your mornings and afternoons into different thought exercises
  5. End your day with movement to make up for sitting still all day
  6. Don’t work on anything past a certain hour that you decide - for me it is 7pm

By following these 6 steps, you can easily grow as a full time employee and entrepreneur.

To your success,

Ian “Your Favorite Growth Hacker” Binek

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