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Early SEO Tips for B2B SaaS Founders & CMOs

Early SEO Tips for B2B SaaS Founders & CMOs

The blog argues that traditional SEO methods, such as hiring an agency to optimize your website and write SEO-optimized blog posts, may not be effective for B2B SaaS startups entering new markets with no existing search volume. Instead, the author suggests that startups should focus on creating informative and unique content through regular blog writing, even if it's just a few short paragraphs each week.

Are you still paying an agency to do SEO for you?

Hot take - it’s likely a big waste of money if they are doing it the old fashioned way.

I am talking about writing blogs.

Maybe 2 a month - maybe 4 - and making sure they are “SEO” optimized.

Here’s the thing.

Early on in the B2B SaaS world there is either existing search volume, or there is no search volume.

For existing demand, it makes a bit more sense to do SEO the good ole fashioned way.

But for new markets, it makes zero sense.

Here’s why.

No one is looking for what you are currently offering.

So hiring an SEO agency to come in and make sure you show up in the search engine is a complete waste of your precious time and capital.

So instead, there is an easier alternative.

Make a habit to write a couple 3-5 paragraph blogs each week for your startup.

That’s it.

Write about things that you couldn’t find existing answers elsewhere on the search engine.

So if you struggled doing something specific - write a blog on it.

This blog could be in the form of tips, a tutorial, or just best practices you would employ to the solve the problem.

And that’s it.

Simple, fast, and effective.

And if you’re working with us - we can show you how everytime you fill out the blog or write the content - we can automatically create the blog post for you in your Webflow website using our PSEO approach.

That’s when it can be effective to work with a team of growth specialists all focused on bringing high quality marketing, faster than the competition.

Until next time.

To your success,


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