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9 Free Must Have Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers
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9 Free Must Have Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

The blog highlights nine free Chrome extensions that the author finds useful for daily use. SimilarWeb provides website statistics, visitor behavior, and traffic sources for competitor analysis. Wappalyzer helps to determine website characteristics such as installed pixels, website builder, and CRM.

What I would have given to have these chrome extensions sooner!

These are chrome extensions I use every single day and I couldn’t live without them now.
And the best part about them is that they are all generally free!

So let’s jump in!

1. SimilarWeb

All you have to do is go to anyone’s website and click the chrome extension and voila.

You get that website monthly visitors, its 3 month trend, and some cool stats on visitor behavior.

Also, arguably more important is the geography of visitors and what sources they are coming from!

So if you are doing competitor analysis, you can see if most of their traffic comes from search, display, social, etc.

2. Wappalyzer

This app is a beast!

Again, all you have to do is click the extension on any website and it will tell you what the website is using.

For example, you can see if the website has certain pixels installed, what the site is built with, and what CRM the company is using.

All in seconds.

No more analyzing source code!

3. Apollo

This extension is nuts!

When you are on LinkedIn and potentially doing some prospecting - all you need to do is visit a prospect’s profile and Apollo will find that contact’s email and phone number.

And Apollo gives you hundreds of credits when you sign up so getting email addresses has never been this free and easy.

4. Hunter

In case your Apollo isn’t able to find the email address, Hunter has got you covered.

You can type in a website URL and Hunter will find email addresses relevant to the domain.

That way you can find out if the company uses the syntax of or another variation of this.

It’s pretty snazzy!

5. Emoji Keyboard

If you don’t have a macbook then the emoji keyboard extension is the next best thing.

Simply copy and paste emojis into your website editor, ad copy, or emails!

6. ColorZilla

For front end web designers and 1 man teams, using ColorZilla helps you stay consistent with brand colors and consistency.

It allows you to pick a color on any screen and copy that color code.

I use this for editing websites and I want a very specific color.

I can use whatever I am looking at for inspiration and steal that color!

7. Loom

Simple, easy screen recording with a personal touch.

And it’s free as long as you don’t go over 5 minutes and 25 videos!

I use it to make my emails more personal and to skip meetings.

It’s awesome 🙂

8. WhatFont

Again, similar to ColorZilla, using Whatfont helps me pick fonts from any website page and steal that font.

Super simple and completely free!

Try it out! (Super meta picture below xD)

9. GoFullPage

Last but not least, is GoFullPage.

I use this to get a whole page screenshot that way I don’t need to send multiple images.

It makes client mockups easier and more comprehensive.

And that’s my 9 most used chrome extensions!

Give them a try and be sure to let me know if you find any that you're using!

To your success,


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